Past Partners

Butakoola Village Association for Development (BUVAD)


Rural Safe Water Supply Project Kayunga District in Uganda is like many rural areas facing extreme poverty, lacking access to the most basic of resources. One of the most essential is clean water. The widespread use of groundwater sources in Kayunga not only leads to waterborne illness such as malaria and dysentery, it also subjects women and children, who in gathering water are often forced to walk miles from the safety of their villages, to crime and violence. Minga partnered with the Butakoola Village Association for Development (BUVAD) to build borehole water wells in three Kayunga villages, including setting up well-management committees to make sure the wells function well into the future.

Kabudula Education Empowerment Project (KEEP)


Students in Kabudula, Malawi face multiple barriers in accessing a quality education including a lack of books, rising costs of school fees, and a lack of educational materials. The health of an entire community is affected when no one from the community is sufficiently educated to staff the local hospital or teach at the schools. Minga worked with World Altering Medicine (WAM) to build a library at the Kabudula Secondary School to provide educational materials and a safe study space for motivated students, especially girls. Together, Minga and WAM worked to increase teacher training, increase scholarships for disadvantaged students, develop tutoring programs and bring computers with internet access to the motivated students of Kabudula that want to see a brighter future for their community.

El Subcentro de Salud


The Minga Foundation was first established to support a comprehensive health project in a remote, tropical region of northwest Ecuador. The project was a collaboration between Foundation Human Nature, the local health committee and the Ecuadorian government.

Project Saludcom

Project SaludCom is a collaboration between Nokia, The Minga Foundation and Fundación MeHiPro. Its goal is to facilitate communication using technology in the rural area of El Páramo in Ecuador, the region where the Subcentro de Salud (health center) is located.