Current Projects

Nancholi Youth Organisation (NAYO)


This July we began supporting the Nancholi Youth Organization (NAYO),  aiming to improve access to Youth Friendly Health Services for the young people of Nancholi, Malawi.  NAYO is an organization that has been working to combat HIV/AIDS and empower youth in their community since 2004. Currently there are only 3 HIV clinics in the region. They are all far away from Nancholi and are difficult for most young people to access. Minga will work with NAYO to train youth leaders in sexual and reproductive health, increase access to condoms and other contraceptives, conduct leadership and life skills training for youth leaders, and expand access to HIV testing and treatment.


July 2016 – Present



Since October 2015, Minga has been working with the community of Carrazedo in North Brazil to construct a clean water system and revitalize an açai orchard, which will provide an economic alternative to logging, the dominant industry in the region. Carrazedo is a small and very remote riverside community of quilombola people, descendants of runaway African slaves. After two centuries of isolation, discrimination, and government neglect, they face extraordinary challenges to their health and well-being.


October 2015 – Present



Minga is supporting the Lubengoa Women Development Association (LUWODEA), founded in 2003 by a group of women seeking to improve economic opportunities for HIV positive women in rural Kamuli District of Uganda. LUWODEA hopes to help women expand their the economic potential and improve the nutrition of their families by offering training in sustainable, organic vegetable gardening. Implementing a “train the trainer” model, LUWODEA plans to train 25 women in different villages of the region as agricultural extension workers who will teach sustainable agriculture practices and help community members establish home vegetable gardens. In addition to training extension workers, LUWODEA will further develop their demonstration farm which can help support the sustainability of the project through sales of vegetables, seedlings and manure. They also plan to provide education to the entire community about the importance of vegetable gardening.


April 2016 – Present

Ecuador Earthquake Relief


On the evening of April 16th 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador’s central coast. Minga’s original project site in La Y, Ecuador is located in the heart of the region that was hit hardest. Among other things, the earthquake destroyed the first, second, and third grade classrooms in the local school house. In collaboration with the local community, and as an immediate and crucial response, Minga is now helping to rebuild the school in La Y and get kids back into the classroom.


April 2016 – Present