Lighthouse Foundation of Chicagoland

Project Outline:

  • Support for the Black Queer Equity Index (BQEI), a mixed-methods tool designed to identify and redress workplace discrimination for Black LGBTQ+ employees in Chicago’s social service sector



Chicago, Illinois


Partners Since:

July, 2022

Minga has dedicated decades to building the capacity of our partners in the Global South, helping them to take back their power and deliver improved health and wellness to their communities. 


Now, we are grateful to expand our work to include a United States-based partner, Lighthouse Foundation of Chicagoland, which envisions a Chicago in which Black Queer people are resourced and thriving.


One of Lighthouse Foundation’s key undertakings is the Black Queer Equity Index (BQEI), a racial equity project that first evaluates nonprofit cultures for inequitable policies facing Black LGBTQ+ employees and board members, then provides best practice interventions to help organizations redress those policies. 


The BQEI targets workplace marginalization of Black LGBTQ+ people as a social determinant of health, with employment as a key predictor of healthcare access and engagement. 


Most research on Black Queer experiences in public health emphasizes equity for patients but misses the experiences of Black Queer people working or leading within those industries. The BQEI directly addresses this need, and by uplifting the voices of employees, in turn improves the organization’s capacity to serve its clients. 


Minga enters this partnership in recognition that anti-Blackness and anti-Queerness are urgent problems of public health in the United States, as well as across the world. We’re deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from the team at the Lighthouse Foundation, and specifically, from the BQEI, as we continue to grow in our work as catalysts for community empowerment at home and abroad.