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Minga Field Notes Webinar

The Minga Foundation would like to invite you to join us for our new webinar series, Field Notes. Every quarter, we will sit down with our partners to discuss our challenges and successes in developing grassroots projects around the world. We will share our lessons learned, strategies for building strong organizations, and of course, highlight all the progress we’ve experienced.


Minga’s model of development contains two core components. First, every project provides an immediate and concrete resource, such as safe access to clean water, free HIV-testing, food security, or a health clinic. Second, we promote our partners’ sustainability through a multi-faceted process of capacity building and organizational growth. At the end of every project (which may take several years), we expect to leave in place not only a concrete resource, but also the organizational strength and capacity necessary to sustain this resource and embark upon new projects. We have developed this webinar series to support the capacity building of our partners and of the field.

Latest Webinar

Partners Include


Nancholi Youth Organization (NAYO)


Based in Malawi, NAYO equips youth and the community with youth-friendly information, skills, and services. In particular, their partnership with Minga supported the implementation of a youth development program to ensure that health services and education are provided in youth-friendly ways. Currently, Minga and NAYO are working on how to improve gender parity in programming and organizational structure.

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Lubengoa Women Development Association (LUWODEA)


Minga began working with this eastern Uganda based organization in 2015, on an agriculture project that empowers HIV-positive women to support their family financially and through the harvest of organically, sustainably-grown produce. In addition to expanding this project, we are supporting a new project that will ensure that girls can attend school by providing them with adequate menstrual hygiene products.

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Associação de Remanescentes de Quilombos de Distrito e Vila de Carrazedo (ARQDVC):


ARQDVC is composed of local leaders from the quilombo (descendants of escaped slaves) community in the Brazilian Amazon. Minga assisted them with setting up an officially-recognized community association, water access, and agricultural project. Together, we will continue to expand the piped water system to all residents, model regenerative agroforestry, and establish a solar power system.

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