Project Outline:

Construction of clean water system



Carrazedo, Brazil


Partners Since:

October 2015

Since October 2015, Minga has been working with the community of Carrazedo in North Brazil to construct a clean water system and revitalize an açai orchard. The project will provide an economic alternative to logging, which is the dominant industry in the region.


Carrazedo is a small and very remote riverside community of quilombola people, descendants of runaway African slaves. After two centuries of isolation, discrimination, and government neglect, they face extraordinary challenges to their health and well-being.



The community has prioritized two key projects:


1)A treated drinking water system so the community’s 60 households no longer have to rely on a polluted river for drinking, cooking, and bathing.


2)The revitalization of an açai orchard so that community members can enjoy improved nutrition and an economic alternative to rainforest logging.


Carrazedo has not worked with outside agencies in over a decade. They never thought a partnership like this was possible, but they have already made amazing strides!