Our organization began in 2003 in the El Páramo region of Ecuador as a branch of the Foundation Human Nature. Since then, we’ve partnered with burgeoning organizations in Malawi, Brazil, and Uganda, directing funds and resources to communities who’ve been systematically disempowered. 


In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the nature of our partnerships. Minga had never provided humanitarian relief, but as lockdowns began affecting our partner communities, we found new ways to collaborate.


In 2022, Minga took on our first U.S.-based partnership, with Lighthouse Foundation of Chicagoland. The partnership will support the Black Queer Equity Index, a program to strengthen support for Black Queer social service professionals.


Our international work has sought to combat intersecting oppressions by helping community-based organizations become more powerful and inclusive, and thus more capable of advancing health and wellbeing on their own terms. 


Moving forward, we hope our international experiences will prove useful to advancing sustainable, community-led, and context-informed programs in the United States, as well.