The Carrazedo community is organizing

The Carrazedo community is organizing

Now that the community has an improved water system, they are turning their attention to ensuring that it is maintained and managed effectively. They seek to find solutions for keeping water flowing continuously and ensuring that it reaches every household in the community, while trying to build the problem-solving and decision making processes that involve everyone.

At the same time, the community is now working to determine how it should organize, not just for managing the new water system, but for pursuing any community development effort. They are considering forming an association to represent the needs of their community and to collaborate with outside groups, like Minga, in a more official capacity. Minga supports the formation of this association, because we believe it will provide a mechanism for inclusive, community-driven development in the long term. With the clearing and revitalization of the acai orchard complete, this association can also play an essential role in maintaining and managing the orchard as a communal source of income.

We are excited to assess of each phase of our partnership with Carrazedo and as we continue to monitor their progress of the formation of their new community association.

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